Troye Sivan: Wild Tour

Music tour mailing poster and additional accessories for the artist Troye Sivan at the Hollywood Palladium in LA.

Troye Sivan is known not only for his music, but also as having had come out as gay. As a result, a lot of his music tends to be about self-acceptance, love and finding yourself.

My concept was to reflect the emotional, dreamy pop nature of his music as well as the idea of fitting in and being unique. I thought a lot about what is considered 'normal'. In the business place, 'normal' would be represented by the suit & tie. Therefore, in order to contrast that, I wanted to show Troye's unique personality through the scene of a business workplace.


I first started creating the logo to portray a playful and whimsical, yet classy and bold style.

Mailing Poster

20" x 30" Mailing Poster.

The poster starts off folded with the mailing address on the front, opens up to a small poster of the artist and tour date, then flips around to a biography of the artist and other artists also playing in the venue for that month. Finally, the tour poster is revealed on the back. The tour is called WILD tour, named after one of the artist's most popular songs.

The scene I drew was inspired by the contemporary "Where's Waldo" concept, with Troye running in the midst of a busy, workplace environment and standing out in his distinctiveness.


Additional Accessories

Additional accessories to go along with the poster (Tickets, VIP Access lanyard, Buttons). I wanted to show the fun, whimsical style of the concept of the tour poster while also incorporating main graphic items from the mailing poster to create cohesiveness.


Personal stationery incorporating the main visual elements from the WILD tour.

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