Soul Society

Inspired by the founder’s childhood love and passion for both anime and hip hop, Soul Society is a streetwear brand created to empower and connect with a community. Originating from Japan, we have teamed up with different animation studios and renowned designers to create limited-edition, seasonal collections of your favorite anime shows.

Mock Client: Israel Dallas

Style Guide

Brand Senses

The brand is categorized into the 5 senses to help the client better envision the brand and it's values.

Conceptualizing the Brand Name

I started off by researching competitor names and categorizing them into different groups before creating my own categories. Then, I wrote out different words that related to those categories and narrowed it down to 5 proposed brand names.

Creating the Brand Signature

Similar to developing the brand name, I also researched different brand competitors and their logos. I categorized them into logotypes, face/emoji, representational and emblem logos. Next, I thought about my own brand and its key visuals, and presented 3 final signature directions.

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