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National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) offers hundreds of activities specific to each region of the National Parks. NPS believes that life is about the experiences you have and targets the restless traveler to bring awareness to the many activities they have to offer. How? Nothing’s scarier than missing out.

Pop-Up Stunt

An installation wall in Central Park filled with lenticular postcards. Each postcard discloses a different activity that will challenge you within the park. From zip lining, to horseback riding, to mastering a rock climbing wall.

Will you agree to face your fears and accept our challenge? 


App: Adventure Challenge

Your challenge — should you choose to accept it.
Spin the wheel in the NPS App. 
We choose the park and the activities. With each dare you cross off, another challenge is revealed.
Every step is full of surprises.

Social: Adventure Ambassador

Become a National Parks Adventure Ambassador.
If you have accepted challenges within the App, we want to applaud your commitment and show-off your bravery!
NPS will highlight someone new every week.

Out of Home

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