Fall Training Conference 2018: 100% Fresh

Fall Training Conference (FTC) is large-scale event with over 700 attendees, hosted annually by the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Circle K International at Old Oak Ranch in Sonora, CA. Each year, the FTC Committee chooses a theme to give their marketing a fresh new focus. The theme for FTC 2018 was new and innovative: Grocery Store.

FTC 2018 Event Website

As the Graphics Chair of the Fall Training Conference 2018 committee, I was in charge of establishing the branding guide to help publicize the event. I also was in charge of designing different promotional graphics and souvenirs. With a six-month timeline, I collaborated with the FTC committee to not only plan one of the biggest events of the year, but create a cohesive design system that would fully incorporate the theme in all promotions.

Brand Graphic Set

The FTC 2018 Graphic Set is a set of graphic assets included in our Publicity Tool Kit to help club Board Officers and Graphic Chairs create their own graphics while maintaining a consistent brand style for the event.

FTC 2018 Publicity Kit

Event Logo

The FTC 2018 Logo was inspired by grocery store seals, stamps and coupon designs. The logo animation was created in Adobe After Effects and included as the ending credit in YouTube promotional videos.

Event Poster

The FTC 2018 Poster shows the different sections of a grocery store while also portraying different aspects of the Fall Training Conference 2018 weekend activities: campfire, team activities and workshops.

Event Page Banner

The FTC 2018 Banner was the promotional banner used to brand the event on platforms including the Facebook Event Page. I started off with multiple sketches, and narrowed it down to a final illustration. I wanted to incorporate the overall feel of a grocery store bustling with different people (or attendees) from all around.

Promotional Graphics

Promotional graphics were made to post on the Facebook Event Page following a 2-month publicity schedule leading up to the event.

Examples Below:
  • Past Team Activities Captain Testimonials
  • Registration Deadline Reminders
  • Team Captain and Workshop Host Application Reminders
  • Media Team, SAA Family Heads, Team Captain and Workshop Host Spotlights
  • Campfire Skits & Talent Acts Promotional Graphic

Animated Promotional Graphics

These fun GIF animations replaced the typical static graphics, and were posted as countdown graphics leading up to the day of the event. Animated in Adobe Photoshop.

Event Souvenirs & Centerpieces

Attendees are given souvenirs upon arrival to the event. These souvenirs typically consist of a t-shirt, drawstring bag, lanyard, sticker, and more! This year, I also helped design the centerpieces that sit in the center of the dining tables during meals.


Through my experience as FTC 2018 Graphics Chair, while hesitant at first, I was able to experiment and have fun through the process. I made it a goal to try out different mediums and push the limits, and the unique theme of Grocery Store made this even more of a challenge! In the end, I not only created graphics, I was able to illustrate, animate, and work with various styles. FTC 2018 was a grocery trip to remember!

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