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But Wait – There's More! Show

Each semester, the graduating senior class in the BFA Graphic Design program at California State University, Long Beach has the opportunity to host their own end of the program exhibition. As the class of Spring 2021, our experience through the pandemic has shifted our perspective on what putting on a senior show means to us.

This is the Spring 2021 BFA Graphic Design Senior Show: “But Wait–There’s More!”

CSULB BFA Graphic Design — Spring 2021

Eileen Alexandra
Johnny Azzi
Thienkim Cao
Uyen Cao
Olivia Chang
Izzy Dallas

Jack Girvin
Steven Gonzalez
Susan Han
Nikita Haws
Tracy Hoang
Cierra Lux

Maximiliano Mauricio
Kenneth Mattos
Yesenia Monique
Julie Nguyen
Adrian Rodriguez
Jonathan Schwartz

Vincent Sumiguin
Taylor Spaulding
Kaiko Tran
Thao Tran
Brenda Verduzco
Nicole Xu


The Branding

But Wait – There's More!

Our show concept revolved around the idea of duality:

  • We wanted to show that there is more to us than what is on the surface our cohort is an oxymoron in many ways. We are lighthearted, yet rebellious.
  • We have found ourselves in this strange in-between realm of reality vs. digital.
  • We have faced challenges: contained to our homes and constrained to our little boxes on Zoom. The true reality is that there is far more to us than what you see through the screen.

In contrast to previous senior shows, we wanted our color scheme to portray vibrant, eye-catching colors, taking advantage of the digital medium. The visual elements depicted the idea of breaking free from the 2D and into the digital realm, representational of the sudden online transition halfway through our degree. We believe in going against the grain, questioning the conventional, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We are carefree and like to have fun.


Social Media Campaign

The BWTM Show

Our main goal for the show: "Keeping it lighthearted, quirky, and a bit cheesy"

We wanted to not only showcase our projects from our time in the program, but also highlight the person behind the design. We wanted to show off our personalities and the unconventional dynamic we have as a cohort.

The entire show was pre-recorded separately, edited together, and premiered live via YouTube. The stream was split into 24 individual segments so that each designer could have their own spotlight. In between the show, there was an opening introduction, tongue in cheek television segment transitions, intermission, closing credits, and an after-show live Q&A to help build suspense and bring the branding altogether.

Individual Spotlight

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