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Across the world, small businesses are preparing to re-open. Their challenge is to encourage shoppers to come back while asking them to be cautious. Beeline is an integrated campaign and app created to help local businesses make shopping easier and increase engagement with customers as we slowly get back to normal levels.

Made in collaboration with Thienkim Cao, Tracy Hoang & Julie Nguyen

What's the new normal?

  • Encouraging 6 feet between strangers
  • Continuous use of masks
  • Emphasis on shopping for the necessities


We decided we're taking away the lines—but we're taking away the lines for a good reason:

Redefining the new normal for the comfort of the customers.

Those “Please stay six feet part” signs constantly plastered at your feet? Gone. Your phone will be the only companion you’ll need when browsing up and down the shelves. Simply shop, scan, and pay on the spot. Why shop from your home when it’s better here at our businesses?

You’ll put your comfort into your own hands, and join the future of shopping local. Buzz right through.

Exposing the new normal.

To get customers engaged and continuing to love
the experience, we propose the following.

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