National Dog Week 2020 Campaign🐶

September 20, 2020

The past few months of summer, I have been busy applying for a variety of opportunities to help me experience and grow my design skills. I recently was given an interview assignment where I had to create an Instagram campaign for a client in celebration of National Dog Week. In honor of September 20th (also my birthday🥳), I wanted to share my design process and what I learned about National Dog Week.

Given little to no information on who the client was, apart from that it was a pet-focused brand, the prompt was very open-ended and broad. I started by doing some research about what this week was all about:


Started in 1928 when World War I veteran Captain William Judy decided to recognize the service and loyalty of man's best friend. It is a week dedicated to celebrating dogs, improving life for all dogs and what they mean to people.

  • Education of dog owners and the general public
  • Interaction between owners and professionals
  • Helping lost, abused, unwanted dogs
  • 2020 is different from the others, celebrate National Dog Week with some tips for staying active during quarantine!

National Dog Week is mainly for showing gratitude and appreciation for dogs. More recently with COVID-19, many dog owners have been staying at home with their pets in quarantine. Pets are definitely more appreciated through these hard times.

I ended up settling on a more educational approach with "Surviving Quarantine 101," shown from the dogs' point of view. To hint at the idea of adoption centers, the dogs shown are all breeds that are most common in adoption centers.

Unfortunately, I did not get the internship but I am pretty satisfied with what I came up with in less than a week's time.

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