1Day Sooner

Develop for Good is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating social impact by developing digital tools and applications for nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit, 1Day Sooner, asked us to revamp their website and create interactive data visualizations to reflect 1Day Sooner’s activities and positions on the latest vaccine developments.

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Develop for Good - 1Day Sooner Team

Project Managers: Emily Xu (Data) & Alex Hu (Design)
Data: Lilian Wang | Designers: Myself, Sohini Kar & Katherine Yang

Design Process & 10-Week Timeline

Weeks 1-2: Research

We started off by individually compiling research on the user needs, pain points, and overall goals of the existing Squarespace-hosted website. Afterwards, we mapped out our main rough user journey flow charts based on: the main purposes of each user and the information groupings we had.

Weeks 3-4: Rough Mock-Ups

We then created out own rough mock-ups in Figma based on our individual flowcharts, and narrowed down the versions based on: how well it aids the user in their goals, how well it address the problems we identified, usability of the site, and ease of implementation into Squarespace.

Weeks 5-7: Final Mock-Ups

For the final design phase, our team sectioned off parts of the website to create on our own based on the rough mock-ups we each created. We also finalized specific fixed design assets. I was in charge of creating the high-fidelity mock ups for "About COVID-19 Human Trials" and sections of the "About" page ("Press" and "What We Do").

Weeks 8-10: Implementation

We successfully implemented the new design changes into Squaresquare using content blocks and code injections, taking in consideration feedback given from the client throughout the process and including the use of easy accessibility for any future changes.

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